Protect your Boat and Reduce Maintenance with Aqua Boat Lifts

The fastest and easiest way to get your boat in and out of the water.

When you're not using your boat, it needs to be protected from the damage caused by immersion in salt water. To avoid having to use anti-foul, which is toxic, needs to be re-applied regularly and increases fuel consumption, your boat needs to be stored out of the water.

The Aqua Pro Lift boat lifting and storage system protects your investment and reduces ongoing maintenance. Fast and easy-to-use.

Expandable, Extendable & Universal

  • Boat remains level during raising and lowering
  • Simply add tanks as your boating needs change
  • Control box mounts high up on-board the lift
  • Non slip integrated step pads
  • No messy hoses hanging in the water
  • Tanks act as a guide to centre the boat onto lift
  • The most stable lift on the market
  • No complex expensive sensors and electronics
  • No metal components remain submerged in the water
  • Structural marine grade aluminium & stainless steel
  • Polyethylene rotomoulded tanks
  • Suits inboard, outboard and pontoon
  • 2400kg, 3600kg & 4800kg capacities. Larger sizes POA. 
  • Australia Wide Delivery
  • 5  Year Warranty*

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About Aqua Boat Lifts

Based in Melbourne, Aqua Boat Lifts, the leading Australian Boat Lifts manufacturer, is owned and run by David Keenan.

Being a boating enthusiast for a big part of his life, David spent many weekends water skiing at lake Eildon, where the fresh water had little to no harmful effect on the hull and underwater gear of his boats.

Having been a waterfront resident in Victoria for over 10 years, David is still surrounded by boats and water. But, his boats are now exposed to the harsh salt-water environment. In this environment, if boats are moored with the hull immersed in water, electrolysis causes corrosion of metal parts and slime develops, which eventually leads to barnacles. To avoid this, anti-foul can be coated on the hull. But, as well as being extremely toxic and having to be re-applied every 12 months, anti-foul slows the boat down, meaning you use more fuel.

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Sunday was a big day in Port Lincoln for us at Aqua Boat Lifts and for the Port Lincoln SES with Max Coulson, Unit Manager. David spent countless hours on email and phone to ensure Aqua Boat Lifts met the response time the SES were looking to achieve and we reduced their response time by half.

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