Based in Melbourne, Aqua Boat Lifts, the leading Australian Boat Lifts manufacturer, is owned and run by David and Lyn Keenan.

Being a boating enthusiast for a big part of his life, David spent many weekends water skiing at lake Eildon, where the fresh water had little to no harmful effect on the hull and underwater gear of his boats.

Having been a waterfront resident in Victoria for over 10 years, David is still surrounded by boats and water. But, his boats are now exposed to the harsh salt-water environment. In this environment, if boats are moored with the hull immersed in water, electrolysis causes corrosion of metal parts and slime develops, which eventually leads to barnacles. To avoid this, anti-foul can be coated on the hull. But, as well as being extremely toxic and having to be re-applied every 12 months, anti-foul slows the boat down, meaning you use more fuel.